Busy is not a badge of honor

May 23, 2021

Busyness is never a badge of honor

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by Dr. Cindy Briggs

We have all heard it… someone says, “I have just been so busy!” Or you will hear, “I couldn’t do that because I was too busy.” Maybe we have even said it ourselves, and as entrepreneurs, I get it! Time is precious.

I read an article once that started by saying, There are 168 hours in a week and 8736 hours in a year. We all get the same number of hours whether we are young or old, rick or poor, busy or bored. The difference is not how much time any of us has; the difference is what we do with our time. The overall point of the article was that we should not wear “busy” as a badge of honor.

If we say we were “too busy” we are just saying that something was more important to us at the time.

As an entrepreneur, saying “I am so busy” can give off the wrong message to your current clients or future clients. Yes, you want people to know you are doing well, and that you are sought after, but there is a fine line of making it sound like you don’t have time to take on any new business. You definitely don’t want that.

How can you address the question of your “busyness”?

  1. Business is great! It is ok to tell others that your business is going well. If someone asks if you are busy, you can quickly say, “business is great and I love accepting new clients.” This was you are showing success while welcoming new customers.
  2. So blessed by my customers. I like to shift my “busyness” back to how much I love my clients. I explain that I have been so blessed by each opportunity. If you do not identify with a religious background- you could shift this but keep the heart of the message.
  3. We are thrilled with the success! No need to underplay that your business is going well. You can identify it, and show that you are also excited.

These are just a few ways you can address the idea of “busy”. These were specifically geared towards your business, but you can easily use these in your peronal life. I know it drives me crazy when friends complain about their businesses. It always makes me think they just don’t have time for me.

Remember, being busy is your choice— and is not something you should use as a badge of honor. Show others you are calm and ready for whatever is coming your way.

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